hi, I'm waver!( ̄︿ ̄) english & spanish // not very talkativeI may draw just about anything, though you'll see a lot of furry shit for now.I have a LOT of characters and a world I'm developing that I like to draw and talk about, which you can view it all on my Toyhouse! I also typically sell adopts on there.be warned for vent and untagged violent/sensitive artwork.
I may also draw eyestrain on occasion.

I take commissions pretty sporadically, but if this is something you're interested in the best way to keep tabs on my openings would be through my discord, twitter, or toyhouse.I welcome questions and inquiries via email as well, though please note that my main slots are not on a first come first serve basis, and that I accept commissions on my own time.

what i use to draw

paint tool sai2
photoshop cc
one by wacom tablet.

find my brushes and textures for free here


If you're looking for my character design tos, click here!
slots are not first come first serve unless i open via ko-fi.
These terms and conditions are subject to being updated at any time.
By commissioning me, you are automatically bound to these terms.



I only take commissions via form openings and Ko-fi requests.
My best method of contact is email first (Ko-fi is situational).
My style is sketchy by default.
Please also consider that I am very experimental and my art will reflect this
You're welcome to share any preferences, such as any other art I've done that you like!
I am a very slow artist. More likely than not, your art will take months to complete.
If you don't like this, then I encourage you take your business elsewhere :)
See Turnaround section
I reserve the right to refuse or cancel a commission for any reason.
This includes but is not limited to: harassment, improper conduct, or poor communication

  • Furry/Anthro

  • Vent art

  • Implied art

  • Simple Robotic Characters/Features

  • Vehicles, Cityscapes & room interiors

  • Armor

  • Mecha

  • Copyrighted characters

  • Sexual themed artwork (NSFW)


Payments are made through Paypal, excluding my Ko-fi menu.
You must pay for your commission in full before I start working on it.
Adoptable/YCH ONLY: Payment plans available for totals of $300usd or moreTips and payment plan deposits are nonrefundable.My prices are subject to change at any time. I do not bill or reimburse differences to clients.

Cancellation may be requested before any payment has been sent. Please let me know ASAPI will issue a 50% refund if you wish to cancel after I've sent you the sketch..
If you request to cancel past this point, I will issue a refund equal to the amount of work I have not done.
I will provide a full refund if I am personally unable to complete your commission.Completed commissions are NOT eligible for a refund.


I reserve the right to interpret your character in my own style by all means.
I will not attempt to make alterations to the point where the character is unrecognizable.

Please fill the google/ko-fi form with all information requested.
This means no "i'll send this later".
I will contact you if I accept your commission, slots are usually limited.
I will need some sort of reference of whatever you'd like me to draw.
Descriptions only if you're buying a custom.
Artistic freedom is welcome, but I work much better with some direction!
I usually send a rough sketch, then a preview of the final picture.
The number and type of WIPs received can vary per individual
Typically no WIPs offered for Artistic Freedom commissions
Please communicate any major changes you'd like at the rough sketch phase.
You get 1 redo of a sketch!
Only minor alterations accepted after this point.
Any character corrections requested must be present on at least 1 of your reference(s)
No more changes after the piece has been deemed complete by myself and the client.

I prefer communication to be minimal and only regarding the commission.
Again, email is the best way to get in contact with me.
Please avoid Twitter/Discord DM unless you're a regular client who I've worked with before my switch to email communication .Note I do send WIPs in for approval, and have a public queue that is linked below

Files will be delivered via email by default. I also offer 1drive or google drive downloads of the files as an alternativeYou are responsible for your own copies of the finished commission.
Should you lose your original copy down the line, you are more than welcome to ask me for it, though it isn't always guaranteed that I will happen to have it.
SAI2/PSD files are only available for reference or custom character commissions.


Personal uses only. Feel free to make icons or personal prints, but do not use it with any intent to make profit. (selling prints or merchandise)
If you'd like to purchase certain rights, ask me!
I don't mind you posting it or making your own edits, such as filters, cropping, or making your own transparent versions of the artwork.
Coloring sketch commissions I've done for you is also allowed!
All I ask is that my signature remains intact.
If it's cropped out during use of icons/banners, that's fine
I reserve all rights to the artwork. This includes posting them online.
However, if you would like to remain anonymous or request your commission to be private only for a set amount of time (ie. holiday or birthday gifts)
I will honor it as long as you explicitly request it beforehand.
I will not resell commissioned works for profit without written consent.
Exceptions include: Repurposing any unused WIP sketches and abandoned or cancelled commissions so long as the character is changed.
While not obligatory, I really do appreciate being credited
I go by Waverlied just about everywhere (or Waver on Toyhouse)


I require 1 week minimum and may take up to 4-5 months depending on the size of the commission and what I have in queue.
My schedule and inspiration to draw is very inconsistent so I can't provide a better range than this. And I want your art to be good.
I do not always work on my queue in any particular order, some commissions may require more time, effort, or extra feedback.Any dates listed on my trello should be viewed as goals I've set for myself. They are subject to change at any time and should not be viewed as an ETA
I cannot consistently follow deadlines. If you need something done by a specific date, a "rush fee" may incur.

if you don't like slow turnarounds, please do not commission me. thank you

Terms last updated: March 22 2024


i open commissions sporadically via announcement to my discord, twitter, tumblr, and toyhouse.for any inquiries, please consider email before contacting me anywhere else.

I have an alternative menu that I occasionally open via Ko-fi, which you can find below

The + in any prices means that there's a base price that may be increased by complexity, big props, etc.
Regarding Backgrounds: "Basic" refers to white, black, or colored. They can also have some texture!
I no longer offer transparent alternates for every commission.
Some Ko-fi options are exceptions of this though.

ICON - $80

▸Icon for one character. Size is usually 1700x1900.▸Cleaned sketches. Shading ranges and is up to me.▸ Can include effects of your (or my) choice.This commission option is currently experimental!Optional "Frame" if you want more of your OC to be shown.

PORTRAIT - $120+

▸The crop style depends on how I approach the character ("Floating" vs zoomed in)
Let me know your preference, price will not change.
▸shading included
▸small props/effects included.
▸can include hands/paws for gestures
Basic background only.

WAIST UP - $200+

▸pretty much whatever's out of my comfort zone for a portrait.▸shading included
▸small props/effects included
▸Can include textures, as well as stylized scenery.
Basic background only.


Layouts vary, I approach every character based on what's wanted on the reference. You are welcome to ask if you have a different idea in mindPrice total will raise for very complex designs or extra drawings requested.Price total will lower if you request flipped drawings and/or have a very simple character design.Pre-existing characters only.
(Partial redesigns welcome)

TYPE 1 - $300+/-

Base price includes:
- Full front view
- Full back view or additional front view with clothing.
- Simple headshot
- 1 simple extra view, such as eyes, paws, etc.

TYPE 2 - $400+/-

Base price includes:
- Full front view
- Additional front view for clothing or alternative forms/palettes
- Waist up back view
- Symmetrical headshot
- Additional headshot
- Any key features and 2 key item/accessories.

By the way, If you'd like a reference of a design I've already made, I offer a 20% discount off your total!


The price covers any complexities and a simple clothing designBy default, there is a front and back symmetrical view, as well as an optional headshot, all in a more simplified style.You can also decide to go without a back view and use the second view for a clothed version or alternate form.Overly complex clothing may incur a small fee.Please have an idea in mind when ordering a custom from me,
I will do much better if you give me direction!
The following helps, but isn't required:
- Moodboards
- Color palettes
- Pictures of the animal species you want
- Any inspiration for the design
I am fine with including any key notes, names, pronouns, or eye/paw views.I will only offer customs in the style of my reference sheets if I have worked with you before, as they are very time consuming.Price will match that of a reference sheet.